February 26, 2008

The Bush legacy

  • No good news today on the economic front: Consumer confidence plunged, the wholesale inflation rate soared, food and gas prices continued to climb, the number of homes being foreclosed jumped, home prices fell sharply and a new report predicted big increases in the cost of health care.

  • No good news today for our troops: Top Pentagon officials told a Senate panel on Tuesday that the Army is under serious strain and must reduce the length of combat tours as soon as possible. As if.

  • No good news today for Iraqis: A suicide bomber killed 8 in a bus attack in Iraq today.

  • No good news today for commuters and other taxpayers: Governors pushing for federal money to repair roads, water systems and bridges instead got the finger from the Bush White House.

  • No good news today for the Pentagon: Ahnold wants his stuff back, and Marines want an investigation.

  • No good news today for US consulates as Bosnian Serb rioters storm another one.

  • No good news today for Afghanistan, as Bunnypants' other clusterfuck is deemed one of the four weakest states in the world.

  • No good news today for progress as Florida state Rep. Donald Brown (R-Naturally) introduces a bill to create a “Confederate Heritage” license plate for the state.


    Anonymous said...

    "Confederate Heritage"? LOL
    How about "You lost. It's over."

    Anonymous said...

    can i say it again? "Thanks, Ralph"

    Anonymous said...

    Besides the fact that the Confederate flag is a relic of an armed rebellion against the duly established government of the United States and has no rightful place outside of cemeteries, museums and historical sites...


    Estimates of the number of men who served in the Confederate armed forces range from as low as 500,000 to as high as 2 million.

    Florida provided approximately 15,000 troops to the Confederacy.

    Meaning that Florida troops accounted for possibly as little as 3/4 of 1%, or 0.0075, of the fighting men of the Confederacy!

    DELAWARE probably has more of a Confederate heritage than Florida, and it fought with the Union!

    Somebody PLEASE buy Representative Brown a history book!