February 26, 2008

Obama responds to 'unpatriotic' smear

Says 'bring it on' to repuke chickenhawks and their pathetic media whores:

“A party that presided over a war in which our troops did not get the body armor they needed, or were sending troops over who were untrained because of poor planning, or are not fulfilling the veterans’ benefits that these troops need when they come home, or are undermining our Constitution with warrantless wiretaps that are unnecessary?

“That is a debate I am very happy to have. We’ll see what the American people think is the true definition of patriotism.”
Anatomy of a smear: Jane at firedoglake asks us to send emails to the AP in response to that cunt Nedra Pickler (link).
"[The] AP knows damn well that Obama doesn't hate America. This isn't a he-said-she-said. It's a case where AP is genuflecting to the Republicans and regurgitating their crap in a way Pickler and her fellow reporters wouldn't dare do if the victim were Republican."