February 29, 2008

Udderly compelling story

Cute: "Kenyan elders may impose a fine on U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, payable in livestock, after a photo of her rival Barack Obama in robes dragged their people into the race for the White House."


Anonymous said...

That photo had nothing to do with the Hillary Clinton ,that came from the far right slime blog the Drudge Report It typical of the Obama supporters to blame her for something she had nothing to do with.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anonymous, Hillary didn't do it, but of course it wouldn't be within the behaviorally-conditioned popular social-programing that makes so many slide right into the Rovebot propaganda indoctrination that has successfully subliminally made most people in America always BLAME IT ON A CLINTON!!! I'm voting for Hillary not only because she can do the best job under our present fucked up circumstances, but also because my vote for her is an in-yer-face with a double fisted PHU-Q "finger" to the Beasties who've spent 100M to destroy good public opinion of the Clintons. My way of saying "your brainwash didn't take, asswipes! Na na na na na naaaaaaa. Phflllltttttt!"

Unknown said...

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