February 17, 2008

We're 6 years old!

Damn... I just noticed this blog turned six years old this month. What were we writing about back in Feb 02? The Enron scandal, Bunnypants' "Axis of Evil" speech, repuke moral values, and golf jokes:

Golfer: "I've played so poorly all day; I think I'm going to go drown myself in that lake."
Caddy: "I doubt you could keep your head down that long."

Golfer: "I'd move heaven and earth to be able to break 100 on this course."
Caddy: "Try heaven. You've already moved most of the earth."

Golfer: I've never played this bad before.
Caddy: "I didn't realize you had played before, sir."

Golfer: "Caddy, do you think my game is improving?"
Caddy: "Oh yes, sir! You miss the ball much closer than you used to."

Golfer: "Please stop checking your watch all the time, caddy. It's distracting!"
Caddy: "This isn't a watch, sir, its a compass!"

Golfer: "Caddy, do you think it is a sin to play golf on Sunday?"
Caddy: "The way you play, sir, it's a sin any day of the week!"

Golfer: "This golf is a funny game."
Caddy: "It's not supposed to be."

Golfer: "That can't be my ball, caddy. It looks far too old."
Caddy: "It's a long time since we started, sir."

Golfer: "Do you think I can get there with a 5-iron?"
Caddy: "Eventually."

Golfer (screaming): "You've got to be the worst caddy in the world!"
Caddy: "I doubt it. That would be too much of a coincidence!"
We also had a totally different look which wasn't saved when we changed our template not too long ago, so the older stuff looks kinda weird. Otherwise, it's amazing how other things have hardly changed at all. 

Happy birthday to us! And a huge thank you xxoo to you all for your support and encouragement!


Bustednuckles said...

Happy Birthday!
I have really enjoyed coming here for years now myself.
I just keeps getting better.

Anonymous said...

And I've enjoyed and laughed in every year.
Happy Blogday!

Fixer said...

Big Mazeltov, Maru! Don't know what I'd do without you in my day.

JasonC said...

wow, time fucking flies, don't it? you're the best, M!! here's to many, many more... *cheers*

Zena said...

Happy Birthday!

gallery said...

Cheers, and a big fat kiss for bringing teh antidote for teh stupid.

julian said...

Congrats, Maru. I like your blog the bestest.

Anonymous said...

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KidRanger said...

I come here every day just to see what new name Maru will call George W. Asshat.

And for the cats.

Keep up the great work, Maru, and congratulations!

Susan said...

Congrats and love, Maru, with special thanks to the kitties. None of us could get through it without you.

shayera said...

Happy blogday Maru!
Love this place soooo much! Here's to many many more.

Rita from Timber Creek Farms Organics said...

Willie Nelson said to an interviewer once: "I love having my own private golf course. Why, look at this hole right here -- it's a par 87 -- and yesterday I birdied that sucker!"

HB2U Maru!

Demeur said...

A happy Bday to you and the clan and for those who'd forget what this page looked like you can copy the web address and take it to:
That's the waybackmachine donchaknow.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Happy Birthday, Maru! You've saved my life so many times over the past X years, it ain't funny. If I hadn't found you, I'd be toe-tagged in a cold box somewheres. Long may you blog!

Fearguth said...

Happy Blogiversary, Maru!

Our blogs were both born on February 18. How about that!

David Weisman said...

Happy birthday! I just feel bad for the poor caddy, he can't get much in tips.

Anonymous said...

You are my day! Happy today and many tomorrows.
Pablo's Old Dog

big em said...

Love the mix on your site Maru! Politics(with a bite to it)/snark/angst/ephemera -- it's my first stop daily! Happy Blog-Birthday, and thanks!

nunya said...

Congratulations and thanks for the last 4 years of laughs, sorry I missed the first two.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the belated wishes.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Maru, and here's and cheer's to another year!

NO BODY does it like you!

Thanks muchos loados!

skippy said...

happy blogiversary, maru!

Cookie Jill said...

Happy Hoppy Blogiversary!

The Sailor said...

Happy blogiversary!

maru said...

Wow, thanks, everybody!!!!