April 24, 2008

The media's mancrush on McCain

Saint McSame Suck-Up Watch, a subsidiary of IOKIYAR, via Media Matters:

In his April 22 Washington comPost column, Richard Cohen asserted of John McCain:
"He's an honorable man who has fudged and ducked and swallowed the truth on occasion {Along with the more-than-occasional cock-spute from the Bush WH -- Ed.} -- about the acceptability of the Confederate flag, for instance -- but always, I think, for understandable although not necessarily admirable reasons."
By contrast, Cohen described Sen. Hillary Clinton's remarks about being under sniper fire in Bosnia as a "polygraph buster" and said of Clinton: "She wants to become president so badly that she has made the goal more important than how she gets there."

But McCain "fudged and ducked" on the issue of the Confederate flag -- the only example of McCain's inconsistency, evasions, and falsehoods offered by Cohen -- presumably for the same reason that Cohen ascribes to Clinton: He wanted to be elected president. But rather than describing McCain's flag statements as disqualifying, as he did with Clinton, Cohen declared them "understandable"; rather than asserting that McCain's acts have "rendered [him] incapable of doing an essential part of the job," Cohen wrote that, in contrast with Clinton, "John McCain could do it" -- that is, restore trust in the U.S. government.

Here, Mr Cohen, collect your prize, you cumdribbling hypocrite:

BTW, it's empty, just like your fucking head. Turd.