April 24, 2008


Cool pics of galaxies colliding.


Ted said...

These are stunning, Maru, thanks!

maru said...

I love space pics! These are amazing.

wangmo kitteh said...

I love them, too! This one gives me that delightfully expansive sensation of perspective and perception that intimates at the possibility that on a quantum level the Space pics are depictions of the atoms of the body of The Great Sky Goddess-Dakini dancing across the Void (a projection of what Mind actually is), sprinkling the darkness of potentiality with creativity, bliss and wonderment.

This pitchah shows the eyes of Her Sky Kitteh (Ceeling Cat)--who purrs happiness across the cosmos.

U wants 2 C mah kosmik mynd? Heer, lets me show U it.

Susan said...

Breathtaking. Kind of makes me feel awfully tiny (but hopeful).

Toy said...

Everything changes and everything ends.

If you believe in re-incarnation, you should know that at some point earths sun will go nova.

When that happens the sun will swell to a sphere who's size will include the space the earth now orbits......in other words, anywhere you happen to be on earth will also be the face of the sun.

So anyone re-incarnated at that point will have a front row seat for one heck of a summer.

Don Myers said...

I think it looks quite a bit like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Distributorcap said...

which galaxy wins?

the one with the biggest tits, oops stars.


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