September 29, 2008

Bill "always wrong" Kristol gets it wrong. Again.

In his latest column in the horribly-biased NY Times, he chides those who said McNuts was wrong to parachute into DC last week, saying he should continue to talk about his efforts to deal with the economic crisis even though a) he seems to be either obstructing any effort to resolve it, and b) his advisers were/are actively involved in perpetuating it...

... that he should free Caribou Barbie to meet with the media, since she’s a "talented communicator" ...

... and that Obama has "radical associates in his past," specifically Rev. Wright -- even as the stories of Bible Spice's Jew-hating, witchcraft-obsessed pastor are coming out in the blogosphere and youTube.

In a epic duh, he closes with a bizarre non-sequitor involving Joe Biden. Is this guy demented? What a fucking goofball.

Above: so very, very wrong.