September 30, 2008


Odd elf-like vegan guy who saw a ufo babbles on senselessly in Congress.
Unelectable because why???

He actually gets it.


big em said...

Can't have logical, sensible statements -- gotta have aw shuck & jive Reagan crap or incoherent, incongruently macho W bullshit...THAT'S what the people want! None of that egghead stuff by some guy who might be a tad more knowledgeable about national or international politics - - I want someone who's JUST as ignorant as I am about the world! After all, that's how you want to choose ALL the important service people in your life, right? Don't want some plumber who's all high & mighty cause he knows how to fitup pipes when I don't! Same goes for those damn automechanics and their fancy gizmos they use on cars -- too smart for their own good! I choose mechanics who don't know anymore than I do about car engines so that I'll feel good about myself! All those 'skilled tradesmen' or 'professionals' -- when I choose a doctor or lawyer, I want one who's great to have a beer with and isn't all 'smart' about medical or legal stuff!

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