September 28, 2008

McSame's "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week" continues

"Weak, indecisive, blatantly political" -- After reversing on the debate, John McCain looks like John McCan't

The collapse of McCain's Hail Mary intervention capped a tumultuous week which saw the Arizona Democrat's [sic -moron!] lead over Obama evaporate and his running mate deliver a ragged and at times impenetrable TV interview. With economic jitters playing to traditional Democratic dogma, McCain's Big Mo suddenly reverted to his challenger.

In the process, McCain invited questions about his judgment and ability to work his will in Washington if elected.

"This raises the fundamental issue of how a guy who is hated by his own party can govern," fretted a GOP mandarin who worked for several Presidents. "If he can't control the Republicans, how can he run a country?"
Bonus: article compares McInsane to Jimmy Carter and his boneheaded move during the Iranian hostage crisis.