September 27, 2008

The verdict on the debate

Below stolen from the HuffPo main page (please go here for all the links):

CBS Poll: Obama Boosted Most By Debate

NYT Editorial: Obama Dominated Economic Discussions, McCain Sounded Like "A Tinny Echo Of The 20th Century"

Time's Mark Halperin: Obama Clearly Better

CNN Poll: Obama Had The Edge

George Will: Mild Leg Up To Obama

George Stephanopoulos: Overall Winner Is Obama

WSJ Editorial: McCain Won On Foreign Policy, Obama On Domestic Issues

Time's Joe Klein: Narrow Win For Obama

WaPo's Tom Shales: McCain Too Nasty, Obama Too Nice

LA Times Editorial: Too Close To Call

Valley Forge Herald-Picayune: Obama Cool, Collected; McCain Twitchy, Angry

OK, the last one was mine.