October 31, 2008

Speaking of senile

In his speech today, John McCain talked about "an American hero" and his "role model." Roosevelt? Reagan? Try Joe. You know, the celebrity tax-cheating fake plumber.


Rhode Island Rules said...

Joe has hired a public relations firm and will be getting his 15 minutes of fame at a great cost to his $40,000 salary unless McCain's campaign is going to cover the cost for him.

Just a continuation of the media giving great weight and much airtime to know nothings and failed people.

Why the allow liars like Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter a venue is beyond me. Years ago these people would have been standing on a literal soap box on a corner or in a public park, ranting and raving. Some would find it amusing, others would usher their children away from the crazy people and a small percentage would listen in rapt attention due to a similar brain disorder.
If we have to endure 4 years of listening to Joe, the unlicensed plumber, who owes back taxes, as an authority on anything, I may be standing on a street corner ranting.

BerkeleyMom said...

When I saw Joe in his tan shirt yesterday, it hit me why McCain loves the guy. He looks like a giant dick, literally. Bald, pale, dumb as a post. Sorry guys but we've all heard the expression "thinking with your dick" or Joe, as the case may be. McCain called Joe "his hero" today--really.

Don't know what was worse yesterday--McCain not being told that Joe wasn't in the audience before he gave him a shout out or McCain being told Joe was going to be at the NEXT event and McCain got confused. This whole Joe the Plumber fixation is just plain pathetic. Like your old uncle repeating the same joke 10 times at one dinner. Cringe inducing.