November 26, 2008

Supportin the Troops!!

In order to preserve the Chimptard's tax cuts for his base, and in a rare moment of fiscal responsibility, an under the radar hail mary statue of liberty pass by the Pentagon has narrowed the military’s definition of combat-related disabilities, costing many cannon fodder troops thousands of dollars in lost benefits.”

Marine Cpl. James Dixon was wounded twice in Iraq -- by a roadside bomb and a land mine. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, a concussion, a dislocated hip and hearing loss. He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.Army Sgt. Lori Meshell shattered a hip and crushed her back and knees while diving for cover during a mortar attack in Iraq. She has undergone a hip replacement and knee reconstruction and needs at least three more surgeries.
In each case, the Pentagon ruled that their disabilities were not combat-related.
Why do Rethugs HATE the troops?
You know, it is bullshit like never mind.