November 29, 2008

Yeah, good luck with that

Duhmbya the DisasterMonkey on his legacy: "I'd like to be known as the magical happy unicorn president who brought joy an' free ponies to everyone. lulz"

Preznit GameBoy vonTorturepants, thankfully and finally nearing the end of his final term of raping the Constitution and the citizenry, says he most wants to be remembered as someone who came to Washington and didn’t lose his values.

Someone who didn’t sell his soul to the political process.

Somebody who liberated 50 million people and helped achieve peace.
Jeebus fucking Christ. You have GOT to be kidding me.

I'd like to be known as that incredibly hot babe that donated eleventy brazillian to various charities/cheezburgers to the ASPCA on the day you fucking went to prison, you asshat. But that ain't gonna happen either.

Instead, if there is any justice in the world, you will forever be remembered as...

Amen to that.


Niccolo M said...

"But that ain't gonna happen either."

But you'll still be a hot babe.

maru said...


fairlane said...

I'd say your chances are better than his.

Distributorcap said...

give bush a break -- he didnt sell his soul to the political process because he has no soul - or brain or compassion or intellect -- just a very small dick