January 31, 2009

Around blogtopia: the BAD edition

It's Blogroll Amnesty weekend, where we celebrate the wonderful yet somehow rarely-heard-from voices in blogtopia (y!sctp!).

  • Wow. Just ... wow.
  • And the 2009 Aristocrats Biggest Pussy in the House award goes to...
  • Bloody awesome NYT front page!
  • Another "President Obama needs to tell the repukes I won'" moment.
  • Why the fuck Is Pres Obama trying to be bipartisan with the asswipes who wrecked our nation? But there's hope.
  • Why aren't these guys bailing out the car companies??
  • 64 years ago today.
  • President Obama creating a new 'Greatest Generation'.
  • What Jill said.
  • Recycle those coffee grounds! Link thanks to BiomesBlog.
  • The rethugs: fucking tone-deaf jerkwads.

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