January 19, 2009

CNN announces at least 4 more years of spouting RNC talking points

Catapulting the propaganda, 102: Joe at AmericaBlog is ready to cockpunch the sanctimonious sausage jockies at the "most trusted name in news." Hey! Get in line!

After failing to hold Bush accountable for eight years, CNN plans to keep Obama's administration "honest"

CNN is running an ad right now which states "A new administration takes over and CNN keeps them honest. The best political team on television asks the tough questions."

There's so much wrong with that. CNN, like the rest of the traditional media, gave Bush and his cronies a free pass for most of the past eight years (except for Anderson Cooper during Katrina.)

[There's also] the assumption that somehow we should assume that the Obama administration won't be honest. That's a tough charge considering almost no one in the traditional media would ever acknowledge that Bush wasn't honest. He was a liar conniving, sneaky lying sack of shit.

There, fixed it.

It's not just CNN. The weapons-grade cumbuckets at the conservatard websites -- who rabidly enabled and defended every move the misadministration made -- are now "looking forward to blaming Obama for everything that goes wrong." After eight years of obsequious sperm-burping while the country and the Constitution were getting assraped, now they decide to -- if not oppose the President -- hold him accountable. Imagine!