January 16, 2009

Limbaugh has romantic birthday dinner with Commander Codpiece

Hope Rush enjoyed his last visit to the White House! ** snort **

[Tuesday], a fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh told listeners that Limbaugh had traveled to Washington, DC for a “secret meeting” and dropped several hints the meeting would be with Obama. When news broke that Obama was to dine with several prominent conservatives, speculation swirled that Limbaugh would be there.

Wednesday, however, Limbaugh revealed that he actually traveled to Washington for a private lunch with Preznit Cowpat at which Bush surprised the corpulent junkie with a birthday cake:
LIMBAUGH: "With 10 minutes left in lunch the door opens and the stewards walk in, three stewards, walk in with a little chocolate birthday cake. … And there’s a little chocolate microphone on the plate with the chocolate birthday cake. And my mouth falls open and I’m just in stunned disbelief."
Limbaugh noted that while he had salmon over a young Dominican boy, french fries, a side of beef and a bowl of Oxycontin for lunch, the president had only a PB&J sandwich and kool-aid out of a sippy-cup.