February 21, 2009

Around blogtopia

  • What the Sailor said
  • The Mahablog has a great new look!
  • A new word for "asshole"
  • They're following me!! I can't stop watching the penguin doohickey at Badtux's blog
  • Baconhenge, via the Biomes Blog. Mmmmmmm...
  • Wellspoken Rolcats, via Pen-Elayne
  • Yo yo yo, uhhh, dogz
  • What you forget
  • DCap always makes history interesting
  • Oh, Canada!
  • Why does Rush Limbaugh hate freedom?
  • Touching pics of the Presidio pet cemetery

  • Translation: "Your inactivity is criminal, porcine gastropod…Go back to Oklahoma!"