February 7, 2009

Happy Caturday!


Niccolo M said...

Snoopy is sleeping downstairs
Basil is sleeping upstairs
Pumpkin and Sylvester are in the front yard
Gracie is in the backyard
and Toby is watching the crock pot.
Yup, it's caturday.
They're such stinkers, aren't they?
It's why we love them.

maru said...

Basil is such a cool name! What color is he?

Niccolo M said...

He's a Tabby, looks much like Spice Girl.

JimD said...

A family of finches have moved into the tree in my yard. Marnie and Hitchcock are not amused.

empirecookie said...

Here's that crazy Maru cat again. She's so funny... I think she must be looking for treats or something.