February 3, 2009

Change we can believe in

Tom Daschle has asked President Obama to withdraw his nomination for Health and Human Services secretary. Wants to go back to not paying his taxes away from the spotlight, as a private citizen.

Update: a poster over at the Daily Dish writes

Someone should make the point that the theory on which Daschle did not pay taxes on an extraordinary non-salary benefit provided by his employer (car and driver) is exactly the theory on which Palin did not pay taxes on an extraordinary benefit (free air travel for her children, and 60 dollar per day per diem payments for use of her own house).

Palin never paid back taxes but simply produced a squirrelly letter from her lawyers saying that someone could believe in good faith that taxes were not owed on the travel or per diems she received, so her failure to report those items as income was excusable.

Hmmmmmm. So IOKIYAR?? This changes everything!

Update: Fux News trotted out tax cheat Dick Morris to criticize Daschle.