February 11, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

What surprise. Now that there is going to be some restrictions on the great shitpile bailout, the big crisis is actually not such a crisis after all:

Wall Street banks have taken billions of taxpayer dollars. Now some of them are starting to wonder if they should give the money back.
In recent weeks, the Obama administration has announced that banks will have to disclose more information about their spending and cap executive pay at $500,000. Several lawmakers have gone further with proposed measures about compensation for all bank employees as well as halting certain types of immigration visas for companies that received government money. Industry groups say the new rules are unfair.

What's unfair is the way that these assholes bled our country dry.
The greedy douche nozzles figured there were no rules and there never would be, so they did what they wanted. Now suddenly the bad little children have rules imposed upon them and they're very, very sad. Oh the fucking humanity!