February 24, 2009

Change we can believe in

Proposed Calif. bill to legalize pot would generate more than $1 billion in taxes, not to mention cause a boom in the snack food industry

-- headline from fark.com


Anonymous said...

What would the state save in enforcement costs not to mention the added tax revenue from the current distributors who would have to get real jobs, the prison inmates who could get jobs, and the people who get killed or maimed in turf wars who could be employed. Then there are the savings on emergency room treatments for participants and bystanders to the turf wars, the savings in restoring public lands taken over by the growers under the current system, the reduced pollution by less transport costs etc. My only real question is why every state is not considering such legislation. Probably the police unions.

wangmo said...

Yeah, but then the Lords of Privitized Prisons couldn't make the 50G's per year per prisoner for housing them in 9x6' cells and get the huge pharmaceutical contracts to trail experimental drugs in the monsanto genetically engineered slop food they eat, and cash in on the contracts from croney widget manufacturers who want to contract the slave prison labor for 13-36 cents/hour to make the widgets. The etire prison slave labor system is built around keeping drugs ilegal to corral the planned uneducated uunemployable to crime to eat and give them illegal drugs as the crime, so they can do it and do the time as the Lords of Privatized slave laborers paid billions to keep and profit from. HAY WHOSE BOGARTING THE

gallery said...

I say decriminalize it and let the hippies keep producing the sweet cheeba.
The last thing we need is "the suits" fucking up a perfectly simple product by taking it corporate.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Legalize it! Bush won the war on drugs just like he won the war in Iraq.