February 26, 2009

Conservatards say the darndest things

And by that I mean "lie through their teeth." When Dem Rep. Joe Sestak confronts Faux News' Sean Hannity with the truth, Hannity does the only thing a conservaturd can do: invoke the Clenis©:

Hannity: The stimulus bill has 9,000 earmarks.
Congressman: Name one.
Hannity: Salt marsh mice! ATVs! High-speed rail lines to Vegas!
Congressman: Sean, those words are absolutely not in the bill, and you know it.
Hannity: You hid them all.
Congressman: Sean, you're misleading the public.
Hannity: But... but... Clinton!

Congratulations. Your life continues to be a tiny, dim beacon of douchebaggery. You verminous twat.