February 18, 2009

Finally: A Sensible Solution to the Economic Crisis.

Monkeyfister has a plan for the economy:

I recommend the following supplemental plan, The Monkeyfister Reality Adjustment Plan Supplemental, MRAPS, if you will (and you just might).

MRAPS's general outline is as follows:

1. Ditch the re-named Paulson TARP.

2. Hire Nuriel Roubini and Joseph Stiglitz immediately as Co-Secretaries of Treasury, or Primary Treasury Advisers, or whatever works Constitutionally.

3. Follow their advice to the letter.

Secondary roles for Roubini and Stiglitz will be to alternate shifts sitting right next to Geithner 24/7:

-- Every time he comes up with another idea similar to today's plan, they will broad-hand slap him across the face, and tell him to, "Shut The Fuck Up."

-- Every time he tries to help his rich, failed, golfing buddies, and keep them from being punished as they should be, they will punch him square in the cock, and tell him, "NO!"

I think that this will provide very immediate and positive results.
We go into The Big Shitstorm with the President we have, not the one that we would like, especially with those unknown unknowns that we know exist around the north. west, east and south somewhat.
But seriously,
This economic fecal tsunami was a time bomb deliberately set to go off and deliver lasting damage by the Cheney Menstruation. Unless somebody can figure out every fucking way those criminal gang rapists purposely sabotaged our economy, it won't be fixed soon. Besides, those that have are still getting theirs.
I bet Sarah Palin is tipped off figures it out just in time for the next Presidential campaign. McSame and Mittster are too fucking stupid to comprehend shit from their masters, but I repeat myself.
By then, the middle class will have been put back into it's place, subservient non-existence, where the Bourgeoisie wants us. And Sarah Mooselini comes to the rescue with greatly increased food rations. I hope at least she will show us her tits.