February 27, 2009

A Popular Rising Star.........

.....in the Republic party

About 11 people wandered into the rows of seats set up hopefully in the basement of a downtown Border's bookstore to hear Joe speak. Joe addressed them from behind a lectern and with a microphone, but that seemed unnecessarily formal.

Wurzelbacher was scheduled to speak and sign books for three hours, but the Joe Show was over in 55 minutes. Total copies of "Joe the Plumber" sold: five.

Of course, being an average guy that is so wildy popular is going to take a toll on his bright future as an unlicensed plumber:
Plumbing? Not happening. "I show up on a plumbing job and the first thing someone's going to say is 'Joe the Plumber didn't do the job right,' " he said. "The next thing you know, it's on the national news. It would be naive to go back to it."
Now how could anybody think that a tax dodging, unlicensed shit clog cleaner do a bad job? How socialist!
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