February 7, 2009

Working Overtime in the Dept of Ironicism

Object of many a Riech wingnut masturbatory fantasy and naughty librarian/dominatrix Sarah Mooselini says lies recently:

What's in a name? Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin says her daughter's comes from Bristol, Conn., home of the sports network ESPN.

Palin tells Esquire magazine that when she was in high school, she wanted to be a sportscaster and was disappointed to learn where ESPN was located.

The Alaska governor says Connecticut was too far away. So instead, she says, she named her daughter Bristol.

Bullshit happens. Here's what she told the liberal media way back then in august, before her 15 minutes of fame began:

Her three daughters are Bristol, 17, Willow, 14, and Piper, 7.

Palin said the eldest girl was named after Bristol Bay, where the family fishes.

Honesty is sooooo overrated, ya know. You betcha!(wink)