February 18, 2009

Young Republican charged with vote fraud

For those playing at home, that's Democrats = 0; rethuglicans = 1 6.

A leading candidate to head the Young Republican National Federation is also one of the few people actually charged and convicted for voting shenanigans in recent years.

"Shenanigans"? Now just imagine if she had been a Dem. It would've been 24/7 cries of corruption! ACORN! we told you! vote fraud!!1! Why do Demoncraps hate America??!?!? Oh, and there'd be all sorts of demands that Norm Coleman be put back into office at once, because demon-rats have proved they cheat and steal elections. Wolf Blitzer would be intoning 'Democratic voter fraud... how widespread is it?' and Faux would have a graphic up of Nancy Pelosi wearing devil horns, grinning over a burning pile of voter registration forms.

Rachel Hoff pled guilty to the misdemeanor of notarizing absentee ballot signatures without actually witnessing them during the 2004 South Dakota Senate race, when she was working for the state Republican Party on behalf of John Thune, who went on to beat Tom Daschle. Local authorities charged six Republicans with violating the rules.

Nothing to see here, move along.