March 19, 2009

CNN suckhole wins major award

Congratulations, John King! You are BuzzFlash's Media Putz of the Week!

[G]iven how poorly the [mis]administration was run in every respect, why would Dick Cheney somehow be the expert analyst on Obama's attempts to fix the damage Bush and Cheney caused in the first place?

That was their first mistake. I mean, really, CNN. What did you expect him to say?

It's one thing to ask tough questions of a politician, regardless of party, and not get the answers you want. But time and time again, MSM reporters refuse to ask Dick Cheney even a mildly tough question. John King had a chance to change that perception, even if it would come after Cheney left the office -- and he had the audacity to engage in an even softer interview than what Cheney is used to giving.

Even by corporate media standards, John King offered a soft touch on someone who has caused a lot of damage on multiple levels in our society -- some of which will take years to fix, and some parts never will be fixed. For his timidity and utter incompetence, we gladly award John King the Media PUTZ of the Week.

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