March 18, 2009

Doing the people's business

When you've totally run out of ideas: get GOP 'trackers' to stalk Dems in hopes for a 'macaca' moment.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is sending out video "trackers" -- congressional committee staffers -- to ask provocative questions of Democratic members of Congress.

NRCC spokesman/autofellator Paul Lindsay said that "the modern-day world of campaign politics demands that we track our opponents' steps and missteps. We have nothing to hide when it comes to asking tough questions, but it appears that Democrats do when it comes to answering them."

Republicans say they're simply trying to hold Democratic lawmakers accountable.

Well, that's certainly proactive of you, you bunch of guttercrawling halfwit do-nothing phonies. Now, how about working on some ideas to fix the economy that DOESN'T involve spreading 'em for your rich cronies? Hmmmmmmm?