March 5, 2009

Former Bush aides to lie to Judiciary

Porculant antichrist Karl Rove and Bush inamorata Harriet Miers have agreed to face questions from Congress -- how swell of them! -- about their roles in the attorney firing scandal, and in the case of Satan's porcine handmaiden, the prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman.

The answers? "I can't recall." "I can't recall." "I can't recall." "I can't recall." "I can't recall."

They obviously made some kind of deal here. To stay out of prison? To get off with a typical Dem slap on the wrist? Oh, here it is: they do not have to testify under oath. So, yeah.

In an agreement reached today between the former Bush misadministration and Congressman John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Karl Rove and former White House Counsel Harriet Miers will testify before the House Judiciary Committee in transcribed depositions under penalty of perjury. The Committee has also reserved the right to have public testimony from Rove and Miers. It was agreed that invocations of official privileges would be significantly limited.

Fuck that. "[T]heir testimony will not be given under oath and it will not be in public." Great. Typical craven Dem boobery. I don't know why I expected anything else.
It "could turn into a show trial," Karl Rove told his buddies at Faux News, adding "Some Democrats would love to have me barbecued."

A "show trial" is right. A waste of time, chaired by fucking clown jellyfish. As for the BBQ, no, just frogmarched out of DC and into an orange jumpsuit with "Bubba's Little Bitch" embroidered on the breast will do just fine. But I'm not holding my breath.