March 27, 2009

"Here it is, Mr President"

"It" being a vague, ill-defined scrawl drenched in flopsweat.

Party of No presents no details, no plan, no idea:

House Republicans yesterday laid out the federal budget that they would propose if they controlled Congress, but they were mocked by Democrats for putting out a document with almost no details or precise figures.

"It took me several minutes to read it," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs joked. "The LOLcats and PacMan pie-chart illustrations were a nice touch."

"I think the administration is glad that the Republicans heard the president's call to submit an alternative," Gibbs said. "We just hope that next time it will contain actual numbers so somebody can evaluate what it means."

Comment from the internet: " instead of a budget they have a crayon drawing of a bald eagle high-fiving jesus."