March 11, 2009

No quit: the campaign to boost drooling nincompoop

In yet another example of conservative mental midgetry, and with the country laying in shambles, Preznit DisasterDummy's minions are still trying to boost the legatude of the worst president ever:

The defense never rests.

Even though Stupie McGameBoy is keeping quiet in Texas before heading out on a lucrative speaking tour {Gack! -- Ed.}, an informal network of former aides is keeping his views in the political bloodstream, defending his legacy in TV appearances and backgrounding reporters about his record.

The Bush defense forces include former White House press secretary Ari "the liar" Fleischer; former press secretary Dana Peroxide; porcine antichrist Karl Rove, who has contracts with Fox News, the Wall Street Journal; economics guru do-nothing Tony Fratto; the graceful speechwriter Michael Gerson, who writes an opinion column for the Washington comPost...

Annnnnnnd the asskissing yambags at the Politico.