March 3, 2009

Preznit's "brain" blasted for hypocrisy, douchiness

On ABC’s This Week Sunday, Katrina Vanden Huevel ripped porculant antichrist Karl Rove: ‘You gotta be kidding talking about fiscal responsibility, you bloviating stump.'

VANDEN HEUEVEL: "But, Mr. Rove – "

ROVE: "Call me Karl."

VANDEN HEUVEL: "I'll call you a 'hideous, hairy-knuckled diaper-wearer' and you'll like it, you condescending asswad. It’s laughable for you to talk about fiscal responsibility -- from someone who helped plunge this nation into trillion dollars of debt, through tax cuts for the very rich and a war we never should have fought -- gawd. And why the hell aren't you in prison yet?"

Well, she should have, anyway.