March 16, 2009

The question John King didn't ask

From two articles the so-called liberal media didn't think to write. First, the Garlic:

Cheney dissed President Obama, stuck to the script on his disastrous record, and pissed-and-moaned how Scooter Libby is innocent, and a really great guy.

Most of the posts were slapping Cheney upside-the-head, as he included, in defending the financial meltdown of the country, stating with a "So" attitude the Rumsfeldian gem of "Stuff Happens".

There was one exception, naturally, by The Politico's Mike Allen, who achieved the remarkable feat of licking Cheney's boots from miles away, with not one, but two posts on it.

But since CNN reminds us about every five-seconds that they have "the best political team on television", how is that King blew it, and not ask the former Shadow President about the Death Squads he was (maybe still is) running?

King could have gotten, for the record, the first public response, answering the question if a then-sitting Vice President was running a Death Squads.

How could he let that one go by?

There he was, the glob of molten evil, sitting right in front of him, and he babbles on about Cheney having a Blackberry, and Cheney now driving himself around now, bemoaning how he doesn't get his cooked intelligence reports anymore (over-easy, sunny-lies up).

I am fairly certain the "best political team on television" would have asked the question.

I guess we'll have to wait for the War Crimes Trial to get the dirt.

Next, Gawker:

Dick Cheney's personal death squads not worth asking about.

In his lengthy interview with Cheney, King didn't see fit to bring the assassins up because he was too busy asking if Barack Obama "put the country more in danger" by being a huge, anti-torture pussy; if Obama was "overreaching his mandate" by spending money on health care and if Obama is "trying to brazenly deceive the American people?"

Though it was hard to tell just who was the bigger dick in that blowfest, its safe to say that John King is a turd.

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