April 3, 2009

Awwwww, guess who's all butt-hurt again

If you said "the impotent, junkie leader of the GOP," come up and get your cookie!

El Pigbo's latest market theory -- the Dow is up today because "President Obama is out of the country.

Rush announced it was his "firm belief" that the stock market was up so much "because President Obama is out of the country." Rush expanded on this: "If Obama said that he'd stay out of the country for a month, the markets would hit 8,500 today. They'd jump another three or four hundred. In fact, all he's have to say is that he's extending his stay for maybe a couple of weeks." Rush's musings were immediately flagged by [fellow autofellator] Matt Drudge.

Of course they were! Misery loves company, and they are two of the most miserable excuses for living organisms I've ever seen. Wehhhhh, cry, babies, cry!