April 8, 2009


Gpukes are all butt-hurt again, this time over the way our First Lady was received on her trip overseas. Here, mouthbreathing ignoramus Brent "Blowhole" Bozell @ townhell.com invents himself a tantrum:

Imagine being Laura Bush and turning on the television and watching the absolute deluge of sticky-sweet syrup being poured all over Michelle Obama during her European debut as first lady.

So? That's even if she gives a flying fuck. If she was gracious, she probably would feel proud for Ms Obama and our country. But for the sake of argument, we'll play along. Poor Pickles Stepford. Blinking her beady, tired little eyes in dazed perplexion through her zombified haze. Why is this vibrant, enthusiastic person so admired? And what is she, a tight-assed piece of chopped liver with pruned-up lips? She'd have to down another few Xanax 'n' Wild Turkeys just to get past the shame. OK?

It is as if every TV reporter was handed a pamphlet of talking points and ordered to compare Mrs. Obama to Jackie Kennedy.

Really? Every TV reporter? Wow. You mean "every TV reporter" commented on the fact she wasn't dressed like a frump or a sofa cushion? Is that what you meant, or what? Names, please? Oooh, he came up with 1 person to take issue with:

NBC's Dawna Friesen gushed: "Though Harvard-educated Michelle Obama has substance, not just style, and that's what sets her apart." Apart from … whom?

Huh? Who the fuck cares? And what's with the constant nitpickery about everything from you sore fucking loser conservatards? Don't you have anything more important to worry about?

Unspoken, but unmistakeable, NBC's saying Michelle has more substance than Laura and more style than Hillary.

Gawd. I don't know about that, but you've certainly shown she has way more substance than you. Idiot.