April 23, 2009

Hillary blasts whining repuke as a hypocrital pantywaist

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton listens to rethug Rep. Mike Pence whine about Obama shaking hands with America-hating socialists, then she unloads with both barrels:

"President Obama won the election. Get over it, you fucking loser. He is now our president, and we all -- except for the impotent junkie leader of your do-nothing party -- want our president to succeed, especially in such a perilous time."

The Secretary of State also said that the the repugs under Bush "spent eight years trying to isolate Chavez, and what has been the result? I don't think it's been in America's interest. So we're going to try some different things."

She said she recalled, during the Cold War, "virulent anti-American communist dictators threatening our country on a regular basis, and I remember Republican presidents meeting with them, shaking their hands, and negotiating. They did not do so without conditions or without strong principles, but they did so. So what's your fucking problem now, loser?"
As she walked off in a flurry of high-fives and fistjabs, Mr Pence was left opening & closing his ignorant blowhole like a beached mackerel on meth.