April 29, 2009

Moderate repubs told to GTFO of party

In their bid to maintain minority status before disappearing entirely in a self-created black hole of suckitude, rightwingnut dittomonkeys across the interwebs are castigating the less-rabid members of their party. Here's a sample of some of the comments posted after Olympia Snowe said the GOP has abandoned its principles -- whatever they hell THEY were -- and called the Specter switch "devastating":

  • Shouldn't this be keyworded as satire? It is right?
  • Ms. Snowe, you can do much more than witness the departure, you can join Mr. Specter if it will ease your pain.
  • Why don’t you join him Ms. Snow... There’s no room in the Republican party for Dumocrats.
  • Stupid hussy still doesn't get it. She needs to go with Specter.
  • Join him you succubus for satan... take snowe and macamnesty with you. We do not want your kind in our party... you backstabbing GODless traitor.
  • Take McLame and his bitch daughter with ya you moron!
  • Another RINO heard from...

    Ah, the Morally Bankrupt Party of Permanent Irrelevance has spoken! Good Christians all!


    Grandpa Eddie said...

    They say crap like that about members of their own party and then wonder why the moderates want to leave!

    Only in America, the land of the free, could you have a political party that the members therein have no freedom to voice their own opinions, but instead have to toe the party line whether right or wrong.

    maru said...

    The Stupid is amazing. I wonder how most of them manage to breathe on their own.