April 14, 2009

Obama derangement syndrome

If the Somali pirate rescue had happened under the Bush misadministration, the wingnuts would be crowing "The president's bold and decisive actions blah blah blah blah blah manly decider bold blah!!!"

But it was President Obama, so instead we get this: Faux Noise wingnut Sean Hannity quivering in rage that "Obama was legally required to sign on to this. There was no great decision here, in other words. So I'm seeing the media praise him or overly praise him for something he legally was told by his team he had to do. So the slobbering love affair continues."

Wehhhhh! What a whiny-ass little fuckwit! Fux contributor Bernie Goldberg, of all people -- who knows all about slobbering -- actually takes Hannity to task over it, sort of:

GOLDBERG: But there's another issue that troubles me about this, Sean, and it troubles me a lot. You remember when liberals wouldn't give George Bush credit for anything?


GOLDBERG: If he came up with a cure for cancer, they wouldn't have given him credit for that. And I'm sorry, Sean, I see that on the right now.

HANNITY: I don't want you to misunderstand, but there's an important point here is -- I think it was very different. There was an orchestrated effort for them to go out there and take credit for this. And that's according to reports...

GOLDBERG: Right. But, Sean, let me ask you: Were you shocked when you found out that they were gambling in the back room at Rick's Cafe? I mean, of course the media is going to bend over backwards and see things in the best light for the person that they wanted to be president. I'm not surprised by that. All I'm saying is -- I'll criticize the media -- but what I'm saying is the right has to stop behaving like the --

HANNITY: All right. But wait -- but --

GOLDBERG: -- left used to behave with George Bush.

pwn3d. So totally, irrevocably pwn3d.