April 6, 2009

Repuke faux-outrage of the day: "Obama says he doesn't speak Austrian!!!!"

Haw haw haw! Oh, for the love of crap. Hey freetards: What's the term for 'submarine sandwichs' in American?

Meat torpedoes?

Depends on what part of the country you live in, right?

How about soda?

Soft drink?
Soda pop?
Fizzy teeth-rotting burpjuice?

How about douchebag?

Braindead rightwing asshat?
Rethug mouthbreathing troglodyte?
Sean Hannity?

So when President Obama tells a foreign reporter he's not sure what the Austrian term for "wheeling and dealing" is, just what the fuck is your problem? Are you truly that fucking pathetic? Oh wait, YES YOU ARE.

Oh, and you want to know how many terms for "fucking shit-head" there are in Italian? I know of at least 20*,** and those are just from the northern part of that country. You call a guy from Bari one of those and you won't get punched in the nads, because he won't know what the hell you just said. Fucking stupid zeeks. Snap out of it, you're only making yourselves look even more ridiculous.

*Of course, if they ever got a load of YOU jerkoffs, they'd come up with at least a dozen new ones right on the spot.
** And that was
before the earthquake.