May 12, 2009

An anti-Obama agenda for the gpukes

... is the ONLY thing they've got. Here's Bill "Always Wrong" Kristol, who obviously spent the past few nights dreeeeeeeaming of dick Cheney:

The Republican Party's navel is a pretty unattractive thing. So maybe Republicans should stop obsessively gazing at it. Instead, the GOP might focus on taking on the Obama administration, whose policies are surprisingly vulnerable to political and substantive attack. Battling Barack Obama is an enterprise that offers better grounds for Republican hope than indulging in spasms of introspection or bouts of petty recrimination.

Ummm, Bill, you repukes have been attacking the new administration since before it even came into office. And what's it gotten you? Nothing, except for a brand-new nickname -- oh, and kudos from your Dear Leader, Junkie McBloatsack. So why don't you guys try coming up with some ideas of your own? You could even go on the air with some pretty little bubble-charts!

Tell us, what DO you stand for? Other than "no"?