May 26, 2009

Colin Powell fires back at bitter, meanspirited pissholes

Blubbery bloviators bitchslapped by Obamacan --

“Rush will not get his wish and Mr. Cheney was misinformed – I am still a Republican,” Powell said in a much-anticipated rebuttal to the snarling psycho's suggestion two weeks ago that the retired general had left the party by endorsing Barack Obama last fall.

Powell outlined his party bona fides, noting his votes for and services under a string of Republican presidents, and said it was not up to Cheney and Limbaugh, two draft-dodging scumbags, to determine who belonged in the GOP.

“Neither [Cheney] nor Rush Limbaugh are members of the membership committee of the Republican Party,” Powell said. "Their members aren't members of the membership committee. If they even have any." Powell suggested that there were a number of moderates in the party who shared his concerns but were hesitant to speak out “because if you are vocal you’re going to get your voice mail filled up and get lots of e-mails like I did.”

Why do rushbotlicans hate our troops?

Above: Colin Powell demonstrates the average size of the GOP peen, roughly equivalent to the size of their brainpans.