May 20, 2009

The Party Of No!

In a furious effort to rebrand themselves as something other than the party of no, Rushthuglipot party works hard to rebrand Democrats:

Members of the Republican National Committee appear to have reached a compromise that would let GOP leaders avoid a possible dispute over a controversial resolution that calls on Democrats to re-name their party the “Democrat Socialist party.”

Steele has come out against the resolution, calling it “not an appropriate way to express our views on the issues of the day.” One of Steele’s allies on the committee, Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer, told CNN the resolution is “stupid” and “ridiculous.”

However, New Jersey committeeman David Norcross, one of the sponsors of the resolution, told CNN the language is being massaged so that Steele and others on the committee will be more receptive.

Still working hard for the American people. Cunt Tree First!
One hopes that Harry Reid doesn't comment on this.
Oh, Al Gore is fat.