May 22, 2009

Nuttier'n shit, rethugs still squirrelly over Acorn

The battle between the wit and the nitwit: Bachmann Duhrrrr Overdrive calls for federal funds to be withheld from any group that has or has had indicted members. Barney Frank points out that the Morally Bankrupt Party fits that definition to a tee.

Frank told the raving psycho hosebeast that far from being a bunch of Democratic cronies, ACORN's housing work received a lot of funding from the Bush administration.

As for the substance of Bachmann's amendment, he argued that the low bar of criminal accusation against individual members would give too much power to a prosecutor to go after a group -- and could affect folks such as AIPAC, whose indicted members later saw all the charges against them dropped, or even the House Republicans when dirty scumwad Tom DeLay was indicted.