May 5, 2009

Scarborough to repubs: 'drop the hate'

The rethug cable personality and alleged intern-killer becomes next in line to be attacked by the batshit-crazy hate-mongers of the right.

Joe Scarborough is disturbed by the hatred he is hearing from some members of his own party and has taken it upon himself to urge them to tone things down.

"They've got to drop the hate."

"If you know you're right, then why be angry?" the soon-to-be-labelled RINO asked calmly. "I do a radio show, and a lot of callers that call in expect me to scream and yell and say I hate President Obama. Being against his policies, for some reason with a lot of people in the base that's not enough. They want you to hate the man."

"We can't scare little kids."

Scarborough to apologize to Rush, repukes in 3... 2... 1...