May 14, 2009

Tea Party 2.0: the Douchebaggery

Faux Nooze's Greta Van Susteren is all OVER this important story: the rethug governors association is having a teabagging party! Well, its not exactly a party. Or a teabagging. Or is it all the repuke governors. Or an important story. Or a news organization.

Join a free telephone call with Governors Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Rick Perry of Texas to collaborate on our plan to fight for freedom and win America back.

Heh -- you actually have a "plan"? Since when? And to win America back to WHAT?? As I recall, you guys were a fucking disaster!

But it gets better: "You can't really call in. It is via the internet and it takes place from about 8:30 to 9:30."

Bonus: the name of their website is droolingobstructionsists.cum... uhhh, ummmm, thepartyofnoideas... sorry, its No, really.