May 2, 2009

"Wake up, small creature, mom says its Caturday."
"It will also be The Day The Large Smelly Thing Disappeared if you don't stop it."


Niccolo M said...

MOM, doggie slobbering me. Make him stop!

Grandpa Eddie said...


Distributorcap said...

guess the catr didnt want to bathe himself today

Hill said...

This made me :)


LanceThruster said...

When getting my Sunday paper on Caturday (every day is Caturday to my cats) I had to deal with freshly killed greasy, grimy, gopher guts (squirrel actually).

The perps all had a look of "this is what happens when you sleep in. You've no one to blame but yourself (plus we like killing things smaller than us)".

The poor little squireel looked like it had just committed a suicide bombing as his head was a yard away from the rest of his body. At least they chose not to present me with the remains as a gift this time.

I hope the scolding works (it did for my other cat - I think she gave up her fangs for the most part, not just continued killing on the sly - still, she seems pissed I did not fully appreciate her hunting prowess).

Oh well, eat or be eaten.

maru said...

Was the squirrel still outside?

LanceThruster said...

Yeah, maru. I have one indoor cat and 2 to 3-and-a-half "porch cats."

They've taken to staking out a different section of lawn like big cats on the Serengeti plain (I really do need to water more) and displayed their kill as if they were preparing for a yard sale (Do you perhaps have anything with the internal organs still "internal?").