June 8, 2009

Clean-up in aisle two!

Yet another conservative mental and moral midget -- this one at the Weakly World Nooze -- performs his own fruitless lobotomy:

I’m madder than a mongoose at a cobra convention! If those lie-berals hate Sarah Palin so much, how come they keep talking about her?

We don't hate her, we think she's a laff-riot.

I heard how that computer thing called ‘the Puffy-Eyed Post’ is saying Sarah Palin plagiarized Newt Gingrich. First off, I had to look up what “plagiarized” was, and I was scared to find out, because knowing Newt, it meant Sarah was doing something dirty to him you gotta pay a hooker double for!

Good gravy.

Boy, was I relieved when it turned out “plagiarized” just meant stealing someone’s words.

Because if you're a republican, sex = bad, criminal activity = okie-dokie.