June 19, 2009

CNN correspondent refuses to confirm anchor’s assertions

CNN’s John Roberts tries to get veteran international correspondent Christiane Amanpour to go along with his RNC opinion regarding events in Iran -- and she lets him have it:

ROBERTS: And, Christiane, President Obama seems to be putting a little bit of distance between the White House and the situation in Iran using very, very diplomatic and some people might say standoffish language to describe the situation there...

AMANPOUR: "Some people"? "Some people"?! You've been reading Karl Rove's faxes again, haven't you, you pathetic toady. I cannot even BEGIN to tell you just how wrong you are. Look, I am not going to get ahead of the White House or the president. I’m just telling you the facts from the ground, you simpering fuck. Oh, and the president is absolutely correct about foreign policy. You call yourself a newsman? Newsmoron is more like it.

Well, not exactly, but it was still pretty cool.