June 18, 2009

Diapered dodo may be in deep doodoo

Repug pervert back in the spotlight in wake of Ensign scandal. No, the other one. No, the other other one.

John Ensign’s decision to resign his leadership post brought light back on the freakazoid Senator from Louisiana, as the Louisiana Democratic Party called on David Vitter to resign.

Chairman Chris Whittington threw the following missile at Vitter: "...at least Senator Ensign understood the embarrassment he was causing to his own state. Sen. Ensign did the right thing today, and it is up to Sen. Vitter to do the same."

More bad news for Vitter, potentially: SSP reports today that given the likelihood that his seat will be eaten by redistricting, Democratic Congressman Charlie Melancon might decide it is more prudent to try his luck against Vitter. That would catapult this into a first-tier 2010 Senate race.