June 29, 2009

Ethically-challenged scumwads: rethugs should "walk the walk"

And NOT the one that leads to adultery or gay sex in a mensroom.

Potential 2012 GOP candidates... bwwwaahahaha! Sorry. Potential 2012 GOP candidates -- the few remaining that haven't yet been outed as immoral, greasy-fisted cheaters -- go on the Sunday talk shows to "not talk about" the Sanford affair, while praying those goat polaroids never surface.

Minnesota Gov. Tim "Duh!" Pawlenty says Mark Sanford's affair hurts Republican branding as the party of family values.

Asked if he was running for president, Pawlenty flat-out lied, saying "I don't know what the future holds for me, but I do know this. I feel strongly about the values and principles for the Republican Party."

Values, huh? Yeah. Explain that shit again to the FAMILY of AL FRANKEN, you putz. Ahem.

Just talking about the Sanford matter is impolite, intoned sanctimonious fuck Haley Barbour, R, who then rattled off a round of Bill Clinton jokes.